We Repair Logic Boards, smashed Connectors, damaged Ports, Micro Soldering, Data recovery, water damaged ECM PCM ECU Repa, FPC Connector Replacement. We are specialized on most microscopic level. Any torn PCB repairs are welcome. We do also take mail in orders. Please contact via email

Chargers, Protective cases, Bluetooth, Phone Holders, Usb cables, Phone repairs parts-Tools, theft detection device and many more. We know we all have different taste and need. We are the largest wireless Accessories store in Texas. We have the largest selection Accessories..

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 We have 11+ Carriersfor you to chose from.Often our we get new Special Promotions . We want to set upplan that you want and fits your budget example:*FREE Sim Cards *FREE Activation (Family Plans at Low Cost) *Zero set up cost*FREE Internationalcalling 60+ Countries $19 and up