Phone needs repair? We’re here to help.

These days, we all depend on our phone for so much. It’s more than just a form of communication. It’s a way to keep up with the news, store personal notes and files, and even get some work done on the go. When you can’t use your phone, it can throw off your entire day...unless you trust the right phone repair technician.

Phone Repair College Station

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Mobile Phone Repair College Station

At All Phone Toys & Repairs, we’re specialists at phone repair, even when it comes to the most microscopic, unseen issues. We even take mail orders. Here are just a few phone issues that we can repair:

  • Smashed connectors
  • Damaged ports
  • Micro smoldering
  • Water damage

One of the biggest fears when it comes to a broken phone is the loss of data. At All Phone Toys & Repairs, we can recover all the data you need from your damaged phone so you don’t have to go without. We also offer chargers, protective cases, USB ports, theft detection, and a variety of phone repair parts so that you can continue to protect your phone in the future.

Of course, it’s not all about fixing your phone. Sometimes it’s about making the most of the functional cell phone you have. All Phone Toys & Repairs has the largest selection of cell phone accessories in Texas. Want to play with bluetooth? We have the equipment you need. Phone holders and pouches? We have that, too. We even have a selection of used phones to choose from in case you need a new phone on a tight budget.

Cell Phone Repair College Station

Whether you need to fix the phone you have, add to it, or find a new phone to replace your old one, All Phone Toys & Repairs in College Station is the place to go. Contact us today or come by our store.