Our Unlimited Prepaid Service Starts At $19.. No Contract

You can bring in your old phone, and we will be able to activate it in most cases. If your phone is not compatible with our services, we offer great phones for any budget. Feel free to bring in any of your old used phones to trade for credit for new products or services!

$3.50 / Month Plan (Emergency Or Back-Up Phone)

If you don’t use your phone that often, or just need a phone as a back-up or for emergencies, we have a plan just for you! All you pay is $10 every 3 months and you get 100 mins to talk or 100 text messages (MMS and Web cost extra). This service is capable of voicemail and caller ID. If you have an old phone that is compatible with our services, there is no need to spend more on a new phone… just bring in that spare!

We Offer Multiple Carriers!

Call us what other carrier may suites you best

             BRING YOUR OWN

                   DEVICE !!