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One of our specialties at All Phone Toys is Smartphone software. Anything from unlocking to flashing a phone from an old version of Windows to the latest version of Android can be done at our Wellborn Location. Our technicians have 25 years of combined hands-on experience with cellular phones.

Apple Products

For iPhones, there are many possibilities such as jailbreaking, unlocking, and fixing your phone if it is stuck on the Apple logo just to name a few.

Jailbreaking is a process that, when finished, allows your phone to run apps and other software, such as themes, that Apple did not intend for the phone to be able to use. Jailbreaking is safe and will not cause your phone to slow down, get viruses/malware, or be unstable. It has features that make your phone more stable and reliable and there is absolutely no downside to jailbreaking your phone other than a voided warranty.

Unlocking your iPhone allows it to use other carriers like Simple Mobile or T-Mobile. We offer Simple Mobile here at the store and we can activate a new account for you while unlocking the phone if you would want to consider that.

We also can fix a wide range of other issues with your iPhone and bypass passcodes on the phone.  These services are not just limited to iPhones, we can work on software for iPads and iPod Touches as well.


There is also a wide range of services we offer for Android phones. We can root, unlock, and flash different versions of Android including custom ROMs.

Rooting your phone is very similar to jailbreaking an iPhone, your phone will be able to run apps and system commands that it could not before.

ROMs for Android are stock Android firmwares that have been given more features, stability and speed by independent developers for Android. They can make your phone look and perform completely different, or you have the option to keep the same look with more features and highly increased speed. Either way, it is a very rewarding modification to your phone.

We can fix software issues like your phone freezing on startup or bypassing a passcode for Android as well.

There are many other phones that can be unlocked or be worked on by our highly experienced technicians. The possibilities for your phone are virtually endless if it is in the right hands. If you are looking for a high quality experience with knowledgeable staff, All Phone Toys is exactly what you have been looking for. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your phone and what can be done for it. Our technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Legal Disclaimer

If your phone is on contract with a service provider currently, as of January 26th, 2013 it is illegal to unlock this phone until the contract is up. If you own the phone outside of a contract (bought it through Craigslist, full price from store, ebay, etc.) it is legal to unlock for another carrier. Jailbreaking (modification of a phone for tweaks, themes, etc.) is still legal under any circumstance.

Legal Disclaimer

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